Mission Statement

Education is the life-long process which prepares the students in mind and spirit and body for everyday life. Witt Elementary School strives to develop students to their full potential.

We believe that a positive school climate is conducive to quality education. We maintain that each person involved in the teaching-learning process has dignity and should be treated with respect.

We believe that each teacher, student, administrator, supporting staff member, and parent should assume a rightful share of the responsibility of educating the students so they can develop to their fullest academic potential. We further feel that a team effort on the part of family, staff, and community is essential to educate students so that they can make a worthwhile contribution to the society that supports their educational endeavors.

We are committed to academic excellence, with the realization that each child is unique in his abilities. We think that each student should be taught at the level that he or she can learn best so that frustration and despair do not result. We believe that students should be praised for their strengths and encouraged to overcome their weaknesses.

The social, emotional, and character development of each child is considered equally important. Witt School faculty and staff are dedicated to preparing students to become responsible citizens and leaders in the community.