2021-2022 Witt Pre-K Supply List

Please bring supplies on your child’s first staggered day of school.

Kindermat Rest Mat – MUST be 2” (This is the blue/green mat available at Walmart or Walmart.com.) 


Medium/Large Blanket – big enough to wrap around them for rest time (We use one side as the sheet and the other side as a blanket.)


1 package of dry-erase markers


2 containers of Playdoh 


1 container of Clorox wipes


1 box of Ziploc bags ( gallon – girls   sandwich – boys)


1 set of headphones (No ear buds, please.)


1 backpack  big enough to hold a medium size blanket for rest time. (No wheels, please.)


1 extra change of clothes in a gallon or 2 gallon Ziploc bag with their name labeled on the bag in case of accidents – Clothes should be season appropriate.


***Blankets will be sent home at the end of each week for cleaning.  Please return on Monday.