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April 30th-May 4th
Due Date: 4/18/2012

April 30-May 4

Moses Goes to a Concert

Study your vocabulary words and spelling words.  We will have a vocabualry quiz on Thursday, May 3rd.  Our weekly tests will resume on Friday, May 4th. Read the story each night.  There could be a surprise quiz!

Due Date: 4/18/2012

We will have surprise multiplication quizzes on 0's through 5's!!  Keep studying these at home, and use ixl.com for reinforcement!

Due Date: 4/12/2012

For the week of April 9th-13th and April 16-20th, we will be doing strictly TCAP review.  We will practice test taking strategies and skills that will be needed.  Your child will continue to have math homework on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some cursive homework may come home also, for reinforcement.  We will be having surprise multiplication quizzes.  Be prepared for those.  Keep reinforcing reading at home.  It's so important to be a good reader to move on to 3rd grade.


STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!!! Multiplication is a skill we are reinforcing and learning at school!!!