Michelle Newman Staff Photo

Bachelor of Science Degree, East Tennessee State University, 1990

Master's Degree, Curriculum and Instruction, University of Tennessee, 199 4

Education Specialist with Administrative License, Lincoln Memorial University, 2000

     I began teaching in 1992 at Lincoln Heights Elementary. I taught the fifth grade there until 2009 when I made the switch to the fourth grade at Witt. 


     Without a doubt, teaching is all I ever wanted to do. When I was little, I use to 'play school' all the time. I would make worksheets, collect milk money, and write on my little chalkboard nonstop! Not many people can say they are living their dream, but I truly can say I am. 

     I have a wonderful family that supports me every step of the way. My husband, Scott, puts up with the long hours (Don't be fooled into believing a teacher's day ends at 3:00!). Nicholas, my 13 year old son, keeps me informed of the latest technology. Last but not least, my parents are always willing to lend a helping hand when they see our classroom is in need of something.

     When I have spare time, I love to travel and read. I also love sports--especially if they involve my son.